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A 46-year male came to the clinic on July 13,2021, seeking help for his high levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. He has been a diabetic for almost 16 years and takes Janumet 1000/50 mg twice a day.


At the time of consultation, the client had a glucose fasting level of 10.9 mmol/L, a hemoglobin A1c of 8.6%, cholesterol total of 6.19 mmol/L, triglycerides of 7.26 mmol/L and HDL cholesterol of 0.70 mmol/L (blood report of June 12 ,2021 from his doctor). Despite all the medications his blood sugar levels were not in control nor was his cholesterol.

Complementary Treatment Protocol

After a thorough review of his case history and blood reports by Dr. Sood and Dr. Teresita Correia, a COAT customized Homeopathic remedy for Diabetes and a Red Yeast Rice capsules supplement for cholesterol were recommended.


The client had his blood work done on September 8, 2021, that reported a glucose fasting level of 7.4 mmol/L, a hemoglobin A1c of 7.4 %, cholesterol total of 5.89 mmol/L, triglycerides of 3.90 mmol/L and HDL cholesterol of 0.93 mmol/L. The repeat blood report showed that Dr. Sood’s and Dr. Correia’s strategy for Diabetes and high cholesterol management helped to improve the client’s main complaints.