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Custom Compounding Services

Our clinic prepares and compounds homeopathic remedies for our own purposes. We also make this compounding service available to fellow practitioners who have appropriate qualifications.

Consistent with our philosophy at COAT is the belief that not one size fits all. Our practitioners share a vision of being able to customize therapeutic strategies for our clients and this extends to the natural health products that we prescribe to our clients. Personalized nutrition leverages a wholistic approach by selecting ingredients for specific purposes and maximizing the therapeutic benefit by taking into consideration individual characteristics of the client’s clinical presentation. This critical focus is in part responsible for the incredible results we see in our clinics. COAT is proud to be able to be a compounding pharmacy partner with your clinic by extending our expertise to your patients as well.

COAT operates a fully equipped site-licensed, pharmacy to compound natural health products so that you can deliver personalized solutions to your clients economically and efficiently.

Our clinic’s compounding pharmacy operations prepare natural health products using qualified raw materials and appropriate packaging materials to deliver high quality, customized nutraceuticals for your clients in many different dosage formats ranging from creams and lotions to hard shell capsules, powders, and liquids.

Our clinic’s compounding staff is supervised by qualified medical and natural health care practitioners who are training in pharmaceutical compounding to ensure that you patients receive the highest quality natural health products.

Product types

Vitamins and Minerals
Extracts and Tinctures

Product stages

Raw materials
In-process products
Finished products

Dosage formats


Please contact us to inquire about any of your specific needs.