A 45-year-old female of East Indian origin came to COAT complaining of tiredness and a lack of energy. She indicated that she had always been iron deficient and that no supplement was helpful.


At the time of consultation on July 13 of 2021, the client had ferritin levels of 4 ug/L and hemoglobin of 86 g/L (Report of 2021/06/13).

Complementary Treatment Protocol

After a thorough review of her case history and blood reports by Dr. Sood and Dr. Teresita Correia, a COAT customized Homeopathic remedy for Anaemia, a Vitamin B12 with Folic acid drops, and a liquid iron supplement were suggested.


After approximately 30 days, the client reported a boost of energy and just a better sense of wellbeing and her blood work dated September 18, 2021, reported a ferritin of 21 ug/L and a hemoglobin of 110 g/L. The repeat blood report showed that Dr. Sood’s and Dr. Correia’s strategy of iron supplementation helped correct a chronic iron deficiency without the typical constipation that accompanies iron supplementation.