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For us, it’s all about effective results motivated by the desire to help our clients.

Over the years, we have not only helped our clients achieve their health goals, but have been very fortunate to form excellent long-term relationships with them and their families and friends.  But don’t take our word for it, read what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

We have been with Dr Sood for 36 years now and have quite enjoyed getting to know him. He has taught us so much over the years…he has helped us with ear aches..headaches..liver issues..anxiety..bladder infections just to name only a few.

Dr Sood is a very kind, caring, thoughtful, patient, and above all a great friend.

Joanne T & Family

Our family was introduced to Dr. Sood quite a number of years ago and he has, over the years, helped us many times by giving us advice and [counselled us on complementary] treatment protocols when addressing health challenges that have arisen. We appreciate Dr. Sood’s kind and caring approach as well as his expertise. When he addresses our health concerns, he is not only giving advice but also provides us with related medical information to help us understand the facts surrounding our concern. Also, thanks to his compounding laboratory, he is able to tailor therapies and supplements to meet each of our specific needs.

Years ago my husband was in the hospital because of a seizure-related issue, along with an infection and a very warm, swollen knee. After a couple of days the physician had still not discovered the reason for the swollen knee. I spoke with Dr. Sood about this situation and he immediately made the connection to the likelihood of a blood clot. I passed on this information to the hospital physician. A venous ultrasound was immediately requisitioned which did indeed indicate a partial blood clot. Needless to say, we are very thankful for Dr. Sood’s support and insight.

Dianne F.

My family has relied on Dr. Sood as our alternative health provider for 25 years now, and he has been our ‘go to’ guy in response to many different health concerns along the way. Over the years, Dr. Sood has only been a phone call away, and for repeat orders, will gladly ship any necessary remedies  so I can avoid the commute to Mississauga. I am pleased to recommend his services, and endorse his remedies wholeheartedly. They have enriched the quality of our lives!

Ingrid C.

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