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Supporting your immune health during Covid-19

Like many Canadians, we have all been diligently following COVID-19 precautions for almost one and half years and many of us still feel that we could be doing more to protect ourselves by building up strong immune systems.

Most of us of have learned during this time as to how uniquely the pandemic has impacted each of us. For example, extending beyond the loss of human life, Covid-19 has impacted incomes and livelihoods and has caused disruptions to food systems reduced access to food. The combination of the two factors has led to undernourishment in Canada and in many parts of the world from having no food, less food, to less nutritious food.  The subsequent emotional and mental distress can negatively impact our immune systems and bring about health issues.

What the pandemic has taught is that no single supplement, and no amount of diet and lifestyle modifications other than physical distancing and proper hygiene practices will shield you from contracting COVID-19, however maintaining a strong immune system may help to lessen the severity of illness.

As complementary health practitioners, it is heartening to see more people taking interest and personal responsibility for better health. This has resulted in a fast-growing health supplement market over the years; however, it has especially soared during the last 18 months as people have been seeking out natural health products or foods in hopes of boosting immunity. Vitamin C and foods like citrus fruits, chicken soup, and tea with honey are popular examples. Yet it is important to know that the design of our immune system is complex and influenced by an ideal balance of many factors and not just from diet, and especially less so by one specific food or nutrient. Factors include a balanced diet comprising a range of vitamins and minerals, and combined with healthy lifestyle habits like adequate sleep, exercise, and stress management strategies are effective tools that can prime the body to fight infection and disease.

For better or worse, the internet offers a lot of health information.  Some of it is good, some not and some it can create confusion and be downright dangerous. To meet your specific health goals, you need a nutritional and supplement plan that is designed for you.

At Centre of Alternative Therapies we specialize in creating workable plans to help manage imbalances that can affect your daily life and overall health. Get on a path to healthier living by finding out what’s really going on by contacting us and working with one of our experts.

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