The Natural Way is the Only Way
Striving For Balance
Our underlying philosophy is to help individuals regain balance and stimulate the body’s natural defense systems with complementary or alternative strategies for wellness.

Practitioner Services
We make our custom homeopathic compounding service available to fellow practitioners with the appropriate qualifications.
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My family has relied on Dr. Sood as our alternative health provider for 25 years now, and he has been our ‘go to’ guy.

I was diagnosed with a slow growing Lymphoma which the doctors labeled as a ‘watch and wait’ situation. I have been able to postpone chemotherapy for 4 years using Dr. Sood’s remedies.

I am pleased to recommend his services, and endorse his remedies wholeheartedly.

Gratefully, Ingrid
Today we often hear about the side effects associated with conventional drug therapy. Combined with spiraling health care costs and waiting times it becomes imperative that each of us takes responsibility for our own health.

The mainstream medical community encourages Canadians to take a pro-active approach to their health and many of us are seeking alternatives or complementary strategies that either prevent disease or help us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our clinic is focused on complementary or alternative strategies for wellness. We believe that the Natural way is the only way.