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Herbs Are Emerging As Therapeutic Agents
Herbal supplementation refers to the use of botanical materials for certain ailments. We have all cooked with herbs and appreciate their culinary value. However, herbs are emerging as interesting therapeutic agents in medicine.

In traditional herbal medicine, the value of herbs has been documented for centuries and in some societies around the world botanical medicine precedes conventional medical drug therapy.
Dr. Sood is a trained master herbalist.
For many decades Dr. Sood has provided insight into using botanical substances for good health.

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With great power comes responsibility for proper use.
In the mainstream marketing that we all experience, there seems to be a causal relationship between natural and safe. While herbs are certainly natural health products, they may not always be safe in all situations.

Just as you would not eat raw chicken without cooking it thoroughly at the right temperature, you should ONLY ingest herbs that you understand are appropriate, in a safe amount to consume when UNDER SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCES. Our point is that herbs have many powerful properties and it is important to understand how to use them properly.