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Our Client Services Provide A Rational Approach To Health Management
Clients from around the world have been seeking to consult with Dr. Sood since he opened his clinic in the mid 1980’s.

If you are interested in a fresh approach to health management and you are ready to take responsibility of your own health, we believe that you can benefit greatly from a consultation with Dr. Sood.

Dr. Sood’s has been trained in many different complementary health modalities that range from homeopathy and nutrition to acupuncture.
We have had a multitude of successful client cases and in many situations the primary health care physician has endorsed the treatment regime.
Dr. Sood has helped thousands of Canadian regain their health and lead healthier more productive lives. Each consultation starts with an initial case history that often takes one or two hours. The clinic’s philosophy is that only through a detailed case history analysis can a client’s present health conditions be fully understood.

The complementary strategy requires a holistic approach that requires intimate details of the client’s history. Complementary treatments are by their nature geared towards understanding cause or the route of disorders and not just symptomatic treatment. As a result, every client should come prepared to invest some time.
Dr. Sood offers a full compliment of therapies.
In addition to the Herbal Supplementation, Homeopathy, and Nutritional consulting we offer acupuncture and laser therapy.

Contact us for a personal consultation.
Focus on alternative strategies for wellness.
Clients need to understand that the clinic’s practice is not one of medicine but of complementary or alternative strategies for wellness. The underlying philosophy is similar to many complementary modalities in that it is the intent of the practitioner’s plan to help the client regain balance and to stimulate the body’s natural defense systems.