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Without Our Health We Have Nothing
Increasingly, medical science is uncovering side effects associated with conventional drug therapy. Our health care system costs have spiraled out of control and each of us has a responsibility to take control of our individual health. The healthcare spectrum is a long continuum along which reside many different elements that range from institutional elements to those that lie on the fringe.
Aside from conventional drug therapy, the Canadian health care system offers tremendous variety from Traditional through Alternative options.
Health care in Canada has offers a well diversified mix of front-line medical doctors, as well as a tremendous variety of traditional and alternative health care practitioners. This group of traditional and alternative health care practitioners can provide insightful and useful information to help you manage your health in the best possible manner. The mainstream medical community now realizes that Canadians are taking a pro-active approach to their health. As a result they are actively seeking alternatives or complementary strategies to either prevent disease or to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
COAT specializes in complementary therapies. Alternative Therapies aim to prevent disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  
Our approach relies on several different modalities that are tailored towards the specific needs of each client. Our belief is that disease is a multi-factorial process and not necessarily due to one particular issue or in fact even manifested by one particular symptom.
Our health is influenced by many factors: age, gender, stress, medical history, nutrition, genetic backgrounds, environmental conditions and a host of other factors. Along with much of the folklore, we as a society tend to reach for quick fixes for many of life’s challenges. Our diets are full of processed, convenient food or rich calorically irrational fast foods prepared and served to us in our cars while en route to the next errand.

Our pharmacies are stocked with many medications that are indeed aimed at either blocking or eliminating symptoms of disorders such as headaches, coughs, sleepless nights and indigestion. The same can be said about prescription drugs like antibiotics, which have in some cases been misused to the point where we see mutli-drug resistant lines of superbugs that are themselves, immune to antibiotic therapy.