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Diet Evaluation Is A Natural Starting Point
A key starting point in any investigation into one’s health usually starts with an evaluation of their diet. More and more these days we are finding underlying nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that predispose us to different ailments. Sensible dietary habits that take into consideration well balanced meals are the beginning for any health regime.
Dr. Sood teaches nutrition.
Dr. Sood has counseled thousands of Canadian in sensible nutrition and has taught courses in nutrition at the Canadian Naturopathic College.

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Making Sense Of Our Modern Food
However, in today’s world of highly processed foods with escalating levels of added sugar and salt; colours and preservation agents it is difficult for any consumer to understand the quality of the food they purchase in the supermarket or at their favorite restaurant. We live in a fast world and all of our lives are incredibly packed with so many activities that we never stop to wonder how oranges from Florida remain so bright and beautiful even though it takes four weeks for them to reach our grocer’s shelves.