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Dr. Sood Profile
Dr. Sood earned his Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from the University of Delhi. He was invited as a visiting scientist to the Royal Danish School of Pharmacy and two prestigious universities in the United States.

Dr. Sood is a classically trained homeopathic practitioner. He has been running a busy practice for the last 25 years. In his practice he utilizes a holistic approach with many complementary modalities that include nutrition, homeopathy, and acupuncture.
Our family was first introduced to Dr. Sood thirteen years ago. At that time, my mother had developed a serious condition whereby her tongue became swollen, impacting, among other things, her speech. The first specialist she saw believed the problem to be a cancerous tumour and proceeded to surgically remove two pieces from her tongue for biopsy. When the tests came back negative, my mother was sent to an oral pathologist in London, who requisitioned an MRI. The MRI revealed fibroids which were growing, causing the tongue to swell. The rare condition was diagnosed as Orofacial Granulomatosis. Steroids were prescribed by the specialist, but my mother preferred to contact Dr. Sood and ask if he could help, supplying him with copies of her test results. The remedy which Dr. Sood provided for my mother worked quickly and effectively to reduce the tongue’s swelling and when she went back to the specialist for a scheduled appointment, he and the interns were amazed at the results. Dr. Sood’s remedy brought a complete cure; the disease has never returned. Throughout these thirteen years Dr. Sood has helped our family with many additional health challenges, such as interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, urinary tract infections, heavy metal toxicity and thyroid imbalance, to name just a few. We appreciate Dr. Sood’s kind and caring approach as well as his expertise. When he addresses our health concerns, he not only prescribes but also provides us with related medical information to help us understand the facts surrounding our concern. Since homeopathic medicine plays an important role in our family’s health care, we are very thankful for Dr. Sood’s support and insight.

Dianne, Toronto

My family has relied on Dr. Sood as our alternative health provider for 25 years now, and he has been our ‘go to’ guy in response to many different health concerns along the way. We began our journey with my infant son, Grant, who suffered with terrible eczema, and the news from specialists that there was nothing we could do but steroids, or wait and hope that he grew out of it. A family friend directed us to Dr. Sood, who reassured me that he could cure him within 6 months!. He made a specific homeopathic remedy for his condition, and prescribed a simple regimen of a few homeopathic drops under the tongue each day. He warned that the remedy would provoke an immediate response, making the eczema worse at first, as it drove it out of his body. I marveled at the transformation, as I watched my son slowly heal with each passing week. We continued with the drops until all the symptoms were gone by 6 months. Grant never had eczema again, and never did get the accompanying asthma which often goes hand in hand with eczema.

Since then, Dr. Sood has provided us with great remedies for asthma, for kidney stones, for hot flashes, for colitis and for clearing the sinuses and the lungs during colds and flus. I have been able to recommend his remedies to others, also with great results…. for a boy who had severe asthma, and is now cured, and another young girl with severe eczema who has been steadily improving to the relief of her parents, who had all but given up hope. In recent years, I was diagnosed with a slow growing Lymphoma which the doctors labeled as a ‘watch and wait’ situation. I have been able to postpone chemotherapy for 4 years using Dr. Sood’s remedies.

Over the years, Dr. Sood has only been a phone call away, and for repeat orders, will gladly ship any necessary remedies so I can avoid the commute through Toronto. I am pleased to recommend his services, and endorse his remedies wholeheartedly. They have enriched the quality of our lives!

Ingrid, Ontario